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 Ist das geil oder was??!! Okay, die meisten hier kennen die wahrscheinlich gar nicht mehr..die waren lange vor TH und Us5... aber ich, als immer noch Fan von denen..fänd das ja der Hammer wenns da wirklich eine Reunion gäbe..



December 25, 2007

NKOTB fans!

Merry Christmas! We might have some exciting news. Some good, some bad.

The bad news first. Just as we were excited to have NKOTB.com back, it might be time to say goodbye! Sad, we know! Many of us fans who built this new site missed the old Keep Keepin' On site and were excited when we were able to bring the site back to New Kids fans.

So that's the sad news. What's the good news? We might be leaving... to make way for a NEW NKOTB.com to be published by THE GROUP! Does this mean a reunion is just around the corner? Who knows?

Our web host this week was contacted by a legal team representing "NKOTB, Inc." They claim to represent the group and would like to use NKOTB.com for future projects!!!

Before the transfer, he is verifying that this is legitimate. If it is, we will move this site to nkotbfans.com and finally welcome the actual New Kids on the Block to NKOTB.com! This might be the Christmas present we've been waiting years for! Sorry, we can't say anything more than what we have, but we're excited!

We'll keep you updated! Click here to continue to NKOTB.com and the future home of NKOTBfans.com!

Michelle, Stacy, Kim & Angela

28.12.07 19:59

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